The celebration of our success. Amtest references.

Amtest celebrates 15th anniversary. We thank our customers and partners for choosing us and relying on our expertise. More
Decade capacitors

GenRad 1413 precision decade capacitor

IET Labs continues to produce the 1413 series decade capacitor to the same exacting specs as GenRad. More

Ohm meters

GenRad 1863 megohm meter

The GenRad 1863 Megohm meter is the choice for production and inspection tests on devices with resistances up to 20 Tohms. The GenRad 1863 will measure resistance at any of five test voltages of: 50V, 100V, 200V, 250V, and 500 VDC. More

LCR meters

IET / QuadTech 1910 / 1920 1MHz LCR meter

The IET Labs 1920 1MHz LCR meter is the most popular and designed to perform capacitance and impedance measurements on a variety of electronic components and materials over a frequency range from 20Hz to 1MHz. More

Resistance bridges

AccuBridge 6242D – Automated resistance bridge

AccuBridge 6242D – Thorough real-time measurement information and analysis – you have complete confidence in the measurement being made with the information provided. More


MI Resistors and Shunts

Resistors and shunts – Product list

Measurements International has earned good reputation by providing user-oriented solutions, on-site training services and high-quality professional consultation services. More

Decade capacitors

Decade capacitors

Decade capacitors – Product list – VIDEO

IET Labs manufactures a full line of decade capacitors that will fill any requirement. From highest precision to cost effective – from sub picofarads to 10,000 microfarads – from low voltage to high voltage – manual or programmable. More

Capacitance bridges

IET Labs Capacitance Bridges

Capacitance bridge – Product list

IET Labs manufactures the highest performing capacitance bridges and meters… The GenRad 1621, 1620 and Digibridge lines; as well as the multifunctional, full featured, yet low cost DE-5000 LCR meter. More

Inductance standards

IET Labs Inductance Standard

Inductance standards – Product list

IET Labs inductance standards products cover a full range of applications including field, laboratory and automated test equipment. More

Decade inductors

IET Labs Decade Inductors

Decade inductor – Product list

IET Labs manufactures a full line of inductance decade boxes that will meet any need. Whatever your application, IET Labs has a decade box solution. More

Inductance meters

IET Labs Inductance meters

Inductance meters – Product list

IET Labs manufactures the highest performing inductance bridges and meters… the Digibridge line; as well as the multifunctional, full featured, yet low cost DE-5000 LCR meter. More

Impedance bridges

IET Labs impedance bridges

Impedance bridges and meters – Product list

The IET Labs, GenRad digibridge line of LCR meters including the 1689 and 1693, the GR 1621, 1620 capacitance meters, and QuadTech 1910, 1920, 7400, 7600 and 7600Plus precision LCR meters. More

Ohm meters

IET micro-, milli-, megohmmeters

Megohm and micro-ohmmeters – Product list

The IET high performance micro-/milli-ohmmeter that measures resistance as low as 1 microohm, with a basic accuracy of 0.02% and a 4½ digit display. The megohmmeters with a range of up to 200 teraohms have a history of proven reliability and utility More

LCR meters

IET Labs LCR meters

LCR meters – Product list

IET Labs manufactures a line of LCR meters, capacitance meters, impedance meters and inductance meters from the laboratory grade 1693 digibridge, to the 2MHz, 7600+ precision LCR meter, to the full featured and economical DE-5000 handheld LCR meter. More