LCR meters – Product list

IET Labs manufactures a line of LCR meters, capacitance meters, impedance meters and inductance meters from the laboratory grade 1693 digibridge, to the 2MHz, 7600+ precision LCR meter, to the full featured and economical DE-5000 handheld LCR meter.

IET Labs LCR meters
IET Labs LCR meters – Product list

  • DE-6000 Handheld LCR meter
  • IET / QuadTech 7600 Plus precision LCR meter
  • IET / QuadTech 1910 / 1920 1MHz LCR meter

More products

  • GenRad 1693 precision impedance bridge
  • GenRad 1689 precision impedance meter
  • DE-5000 handheld LCR meter
  • GenRad 1659 digibridge
  • GenRad 1692 benchtop LCR meter

Besides the production of the QuadTech 1900 and 7600 LCR product lines
(GenRad digibridge line: 1659, 1692, 1689, 1693, as well as 1910, 1920 and 7600 Plus LCR meters),
sales will become the task IET Labs, too, in the future.
The representation, however, will remain with Amtest-TM.
Hence, in the future, the products will be marketed with IET Labs branding instead of the QuadTech brand.