GenRad / QuadTech 1864-9700 megohm meter

The IET Labs, GenRad 1864 megohm meter is the choice for more demanding applications. The test voltage can be set to any value from 10VDC to 109VDC in 1-volt steps and to 1090VDC in 10 volt steps.

IET 1864-9700 Megohmmeter
Stability of calibration in the IET Labs, GenRad 1864 megohm meter is maintained by use of a four-transistor unity gain amplifier. In addition, no warm-up drift is encountered, and high zero stability is maintained during operation. Human engineering has not been overlooked in the GenRad 1864 Megohm meter as evidenced by the warning light that is activated by the application of the test voltage. The 1864 employees a measure / charge / discharge switch and provision for performance grounded and ungrounded measurements.


  • 200 Test voltages from 10V to 1090VDC
  • Rugged and portable analog megohm meter
  • Up to 3% accuracy
  • 50kΩ to 200TΩ Measurement range
  • Reliable high quality instrument designed to last up to 30 years