Resistors and shunts – Product list

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MI Resistors and Shunts
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Measurements International shunts – Product list

  • 9311A multiple value resistor shunt
  • 9332 series of high current resistors fans

Resistors and shunts – More products

  • 9210A-1 (PRIMARY) – 1Ω resistor with carrying case
  • 9210A-0.1 (PRIMARY) – 0.1Ω resistor with carrying case
  • 9210B (PRIMARY) – Decade values 1Ω, 10Ω, 100Ω, 1KΩ, 10KΩ, 100KΩ with optional carrying case
  • 9331R (PRIMARY) – Series of four terminal air resistors from 1Ω to 100kΩ with optional carrying case
  • 9331 (SECONDARY) – Series of four terminal air resistors from 1mΩ to 100MΩ with optional carrying case
  • 9331G (PRIMARY) – Series of primary high value 2 terminal resistors from100M to 100T with optional carrying case
  • 9312A – Multiple value resistor shunt
  • 9313A – Multiple value resistor shunt
  • 9155 – Series of high value resistors from 10MΩ to 10TΩ
  • 4304 – Temperature controlled 4 element traveling resistance standard
  • 4310 – Temperature stabilized resistance standard - 10 element (0.1Ω to 100MΩ)
  • 4310HR – Temperature stabilized high resistance standard - 4 to 6 elements