IET Labs capacitance standards – Product list

IET Labs and GenRad capacitance standards employ a variety of time-tested materials and technologies that are tailored to specific applications and environments

 IET Labs capacitance standards

IET Labs manufactures a full line of capacitance standards that will meet any need. Whatever your application, IET Labs has your capacitance solution.

IET Labs capacitance standards can be custom built to your specifications; we can provide you with any capacitance value at any accuracy you require.

Accurate, cost effective capacitance standards

  • SCA series capacitance standards – high accuracy – 0.01% - 0.04%, 1pF - 1900μF, accurate, portable, economical.
  • GenRad 1409 series capacitance standards – high accuracy 0.01%, 10pF - 1000μF, accurate, stable, economical
  • GenRad 1422 series variable air capacitors – 0.002pF - 1150pF, smallstable and accurate
  • GenRad 1403 Series High Frequency Standard Capacitor – 0.01%, 0.001pF - 1000pF, values of 0.001pF, 0.01pF, 0.1pF, low – value capacitance

Primary Capacitance Standards

  • GenRad 1404 series – Primary capacitance standards, National Std. Lab. type – 5ppm - 11ppm, 10pF - 1000pF, very accurate and stable, very low TC
  • GenRad 1408 series Standard capacitors – 5ppm - 11ppm, 10pF - 1000pF, dual unit with virtually zero TC