High accuracy micro-ohmmeter IET LOM-510A

The IET Labs, LOM-510A micro-ohmmeter is a dedicated low resistance meter, useful wherever there is a need for measuring very low values of resistance.

IET LOM 510A micro-ohmmeter
The LOM-510A is far superior, to general purpose and even higher end bench multimeters that utilize 4 terminal connections, when measuring resistances below 1 ohm.

The IET Labs Micro-Ohmmeter has 4½ digits, 0.02% basic accuracy and 1μΩ resolution. The 4-terminal kelvin measurement connection minimizes lead resistance errors and 80 dB of ac noise rejection provides rock-steady readings even in noisy locations. The micro-ohmmeter comes with rugged 4-terminal test clips and a large selection of optional probes, clips and fixtures allowing attachment to any low-resistance unknown.


  • 1μΩ Resolution, 4½ digits
  • Range: 1μΩ - 200Ω
  • 0.02% Basic accuracy
  • Costs around 50% less then its peer instruments
  • 4-Wire design to eliminate lead resistance
  • Digital output
  • Pulsed mode for auto-zero or constant dc
  • Choices of probes for all applications