Accurate, cost effective capacitance standards – SCA series

IET Labs SC series capacitance standards – High stability cost effective capacitance standards with low temperature coefficient, low losses and a wide range of values.

IET SCA capacitance standard

  • Wide range of values – 1pF to 2000µF
  • Excellent stability – 0.01% (100ppm) / yr
  • Excellent TC – as low as 10 ppm / °C
  • Low loss – D as low as 0.0002


  • Two BNC connectors for 190pF and under;
  • Two 5-way binding posts for 1nF to 190nF;
  • Four 5-way binding posts for 1µF and over.
  • Case ground is also provided.

(0,01% + 0,1pF) change each year.

8.6cm H x 10.5cm W x 12.7cm or 1000µF: 8.6cm H x 30.5cm W x 8.92 cm.

Transit Case
Optional model SRC-100 lightweight transit case with handle, suitable for transporting and storing two units. The case provides insulation from temperature changes during transportation or calibration.

NIST traceable initial calibration data provided with unit.

Capacitor type

  • Air capacitors for 1pF and 10pF;
  • Hermetically sealed silvered mica for 100pF to 100nF;
  • Hermetically sealed polystyrene for 10µF;
  • Hermetically sealed polycarbonate for ≥10µF.

Operating Temperature
10°C to 50°C.