Megohm and micro-ohmmeters – Product list

The IET high performance micro-/milli-ohmmeter that measures resistance as low as 1 microohm, with a basic accuracy of 0.02% and a 4½ digit display. The megohmmeters with a range of up to 200 teraohms have a history of proven reliability and utility

IET micro-, milli-, megohmmeters
The IET LOM-510 is dedicated milliohmmeter that is simple to use and features a 4 terminal Kelvin connection to reduce cable errors. Accessories are available that will enable accurate and efficient measurements of very low resistance.

IET manufactures the GenRad and QuadTech 1863, 1864, and 1865+ megohmmeters designed to meet most high resistance measurement needs. They are widely used in the aircraft industry among many others.

IET Labs – Micro-ohmmeters product list

  • High accuracy micro-ohmmeter IET LOM-510A
  • LOM-530 Micro-ohmmeter calibration kit

IET Labs – Megohm meters product list

  • 1865+ Digital megohmmeter I/R tester
  • GenRad / QuadTech 1864-9700 megohmmeter
  • GenRad 1863 megohmmeter

More products

  • GenRad / QuadTech 1864-9700 megohmmeter
  • GenRad 1863 megohmmeter