IET micro-, milli-, megohmmeters

Megohm and micro-ohmmeters – Product list

The IET high performance micro-/milli-ohmmeter that measures resistance as low as 1 microohm, with a basic accuracy of 0.02% and a 4½ digit display. The megohmmeters with a range of up to 200 teraohms have a history of proven reliability and utility More
IET LOM 510A micro-ohmmeter

High accuracy micro-ohmmeter IET LOM-510A

The IET Labs, LOM-510A micro-ohmmeter is a dedicated low resistance meter, useful wherever there is a need for measuring very low values of resistance. More

IET LOM-530 Calibration Kit

IET LOM-530 micro-ohmmeter calibration kit

The LOM-530 is convenient single unit containing a complete set of (5) working standard grade resistors for complete calibration of micro-ohmmeters. The standard resistance values are those used by the LOM-510A micro-ohmmeter / milli-ohmmeter. More

IET 1865Plus megohmmeter, IC tester

IET 1865Plus digital megohm meter I/R tester

The IET Labs 1865Plus megohm meter / IR tester, with digital display, is used for high accuracy measurements of insulation resistance on a wide variety of components, materials and electronic devices. More

IET 1864-9700 Megohmmeter

GenRad / QuadTech 1864-9700 megohm meter

The IET Labs, GenRad 1864 megohm meter is the choice for more demanding applications. The test voltage can be set to any value from 10VDC to 109VDC in 1-volt steps and to 1090VDC in 10 volt steps. More

IET Gen Rad 1863 megohmmeter

GenRad 1863 megohm meter

The GenRad 1863 Megohm meter is the choice for production and inspection tests on devices with resistances up to 20 Tohms. The GenRad 1863 will measure resistance at any of five test voltages of: 50V, 100V, 200V, 250V, and 500 VDC. More