Decade inductor – Product list

IET Labs manufactures a full line of inductance decade boxes that will meet any need. Whatever your application, IET Labs has a decade box solution.

IET Labs Decade Inductors
IET Decade inductance boxes
Our inductance decadeboxes can be custom built to your specifications, so you do not have to pay for what you don't need.

Low cost, field grade inductance decade box – LS
General / field grade, 1% (or better) - 4%, 1μH - 100H, 1μH, economical, toolbox size

High accuracy inductance decade box – GenRad 1491
High accuracy decade, 0.8%, 100μH - 11H, 100μH, laboratory grade, high accuracy, high stability, low temperature coefficient.

Programmable inductance decade box – PLS
Programmable decade, 2% (or better) - 4%, 1μH - 100H, 1μH

IET Labs Product list

  • LS Series inductance decade box – VIDEO
  • IET Labs 1491 series decade inductance box
  • GenRad 1492 decade inductor
  • PLS Series programmable inductance decade boxes