IET Labs Decade Inductors

Decade inductor – Product list

IET Labs manufactures a full line of inductance decade boxes that will meet any need. Whatever your application, IET Labs has a decade box solution. More
IE LS Inductance Decade Box

LS Series inductance decade box – VIDEO

The IET Labs LS series inductance decade box is the most commonly used inductance substitution box on the market today. The LS series is not only easier to use, but it is also priced lower than almost all of its competition. More

IET GenRad 1491 Decade Inductor

GenRad 1491 series decade inductance box

The IET Labs GenRad 1491 decade inductance box is the most accurate decade inductor commercially available. The 1491, has a max inductance of 11H with a resolution of either 1mH or 100µH. More

IET GenRad 1492 Decade Inductor

GenRad 1492 decade inductor

The IET Labs, GenRad 1492 model is an excellent choice for a highly accurate decade inductance substituter with a wide range. It is suitable for most laboratory and test applications. More

IET PLS Inductance Decade Box

PLS Series programmable inductance decade boxes

The World's only programmable inductance decade box – A broad range of programmable inductance decade boxes for applications requiring a programmable impedance unit, controlled manually and by a computer via an IEEE-488, RS-232 or BCD interface. More