GenRad 1413 precision decade capacitor

IET Labs continues to produce the 1413 series decade capacitor to the same exacting specs as GenRad.

IET GenRad 1413 Precision Decade Capacitor

This six-decade capacitor features fine adjustment over a wide range of capacitance, with excellent accuracy. Any value in the range of 0 to 1.111 11μF can be set, with a resolution of 1pF. For a wider range up to 10,000μF with similar performance consider the IET Labs HASC-Z decade capacitor.


  • Range from 1pF to 1.11111µF
  • High accuracy of 0.05% + 0.5pF
  • Excellent stability 100ppm per year
  • The trusted lab standard for capacitance
  • 3-Terminal shielded construction