Measurements International resistance bridges

Resistance bridges – Product list

Measurements International has also become the world's leader in the supply of DC comparator technology bridges for resistance thermometry applications. More
AccuBridge 6020T, automated primary thermometry bridge

AccuBridge 6020T – Automated primary thermometry bridge

The resistance bridge 6020T is designed specifically for thermometry applications and provides the best accuracy and convenience based on the most recent developments in current comparator technology. More

AccuBridge 6020Q Automated resistance bridge

AccuBridge 6020Q – Automated resistance bridge

AccuBridge 6020Q – Measurement Internationals self calibrating ratio bridge. Improved accuracies, unmatched speed, proven performance. More

AccuBridge 6242D Automated Resistance Bridge

AccuBridge 6242D – Automated resistance bridge

AccuBridge 6242D – Thorough real-time measurement information and analysis – you have complete confidence in the measurement being made with the information provided. More

AccuBridge 6000B Automated primary resistance bridge

AccuBridge 6000B – Automated primary resistance bridge

From National Measurement Institutes to government, industrial and commercial primary labs worldwide, Measurements International bridges are the preferred choice. More

AccuBridge 6650A Dual source high resistance meter

AccuBridge 6650A – Dual source high resistance meter

Developed from the best research done by National Measurement Institutes, the measurements of MI’s bridges are unmatched by any other commercial instrumentation. MI bridges help labs attain the best accredited performance available. More

Measurements International Temperature Metrology

MI Resistance bridges in Temperature applications offer

Proven Performance: Not only does Measurements International offer you the technology of choice of major NMI’s and unmatched accuracy and uncertainty levels, but these capabilities have been proven many times over! More

MI 6600A Dual Source High Resistance Bridge

Dual source high resistance bridge – 6600A model

The model 6600A high resistance bridge utilizes the industry proven "Dual Source" method for measuring high resistances in the range of 100kΩ to 10PΩ. More

MI 6010D Automated Resistance_Thermometry Bridge

Automated resistance / thermometry bridge – 6010D model

The model 6010D is a fully automated resistance ratio bridge based on the direct-current-comparator (DCC) principle. More

MI 6242B Automated Secondary Resistance,Temperature Bridge

Automated secondary resistance / temperature bridge – 6242B model

The 6242B is ideal for those laboratories involved in resistance and temperature measurements that do not require the accuracy level of an NMI. More