Resistance bridges – Product list

Measurements International has also become the world's leader in the supply of DC comparator technology bridges for resistance thermometry applications.

Measurements International resistance bridges

Measurements International is a manufacturer of a series of very low temperature coefficient, precision, stable resistors to provide stability and traceability for your temperature calibrations.

  • AccuBridge 6020T – Automated primary thermometry bridge
  • AccuBridge 6020Q – Automated resistance bridge
  • AccuBridge 6242D – Automated resistance bridge
  • 6000B automated high resistance bridge
  • 6650A dual source high resistance meter
  • Dual source high resistance bridge – 6600A model
  • Automated resistance / thermometry bridge – 6010D model
  • 6242B – automated secondary resistance / temperature bridge

More products

  • 6650AF high resistance meter
  • ACCUBRIDGE™ – Self calibrating primary resistance bridge