IET Labs – Primary resistance standard, model SR102, 100 ohm

The IET Labs SR102 model is a highly stable and accurate (1ppm), 100 Ohm, resistance standard. SR102 standards are equipped for five-terminal measurements used for standard resistor readings and for temperature sensor readings.

IET SR-102-103-104 resistance standard

Calibration data, which identifies the standard deviation, and the temperature characteristics is supplied with each unit.

In addition, each unit is equipped with a thermal well so that the exact temperature of the resistance standard is known. This allows the user to make highly precise, temperature compensated, measurements.


  • Long term stability of resistance standard... typically less than 0.2 ppm per year
  • Temperature coefficients... less than 0.1 ppm per degree Celsius at 23 degrees C
  • Initial accuracy... ± 1 PPM
  • Units can be supplied without cases for use in oil baths
  • 1 year warranty


  • Primary calibration laboratory
  • Standard to be transported directly to NIST or a NIST-traceable
  • Calibration facility (TEGAM, Inc.);
  • To calibrate transfer standards and resistance bridges for NIST-traceable calibrations
  • Can be used outside of controlled laboratories, or environments by monitoring the temperature of the unit.