AccuBridge 6020T – Automated primary thermometry bridge

The resistance bridge 6020T is designed specifically for thermometry applications and provides the best accuracy and convenience based on the most recent developments in current comparator technology.

AccuBridge 6020T, automated primary thermometry bridge
With reversal rates as low as 2 seconds, the 6020T provides fast, continuous measurements with high immunity to thermals and furnace noise.
The ratio accuracy can be verified against two stable standard resistors.
The model 6020T achieves its specifications for a wide range of operating conditions. 

AccuBridge 6020T – Automated primary thermometry bridge – Features

  • Accuracy whole range (SPRT Ro ≥2.5Ω) 15 ppb
  • Accuracy (Ratio 0.5 to 4.05) < 15ppb
  • Resolution: 1 ppb
  • AccuBridge technology
  • Ratio, resistance and temperature measurement
  • Touch screen and software operation
  • Not affected by temperature change
  • English operating systems