GenRad 1409 series standard capacitor

The GenRad 1409 standard capacitor are fixed mica capacitors of very high stability for use as two- or three-terminal reference or working standards in the laboratory.

GenRad 1409 series standard capacitor

Highly stable cost-effective capacitance standards with low temperature coefficient, low losses and a wide range of values.


  • 0.001µF to 1000µF
  • ± 0.01% / year stability
  • Verify meter and instrumentation calibration
  • Two-to-five terminal configuration, depending on model
  • Calibration certificate traceable to NIST

Typical capacitors, observed over more than 12 years, have shown random fluctuations of less than + 0.01% in measured capacitance with no evidence of systemic drift.

These IET Labs, GenRad 1409 standard capacitor units consist of a silvered-mica and foil pile, spring-held in a heavy metal clamping structure for mechanical stability. The units are selected for low dissipation factor and are stabilized by heat cycling. They are housed, with silica gel to provide continuous desiccation, in cast aluminum cases, sealed with high-temperature potting wax. A well is provided in the wall of the case for the insertion of a dial-type thermometer. Three jack-top binding posts are provided on the top on the case and removable plugs on the bottom, for convenient parallel connection without error.