IET Labs impedance bridges

Impedance bridges and meters – Product list

The IET Labs, GenRad digibridge line of LCR meters including the 1689 and 1693, the GR 1621, 1620 capacitance meters, and QuadTech 1910, 1920, 7400, 7600 and 7600Plus precision LCR meters. More
IET GenRad 1689 -1689M Impedance Bridges

GenRad 1689 and 1689M precision impedance (LCR) meter (RLC digibridge)

The GenRad 1689 precision impedance meter gives you the best performance for your most demanding applications whether they be production test, incoming inspection, component design and evaluation, process monitoring or dielectric measurement. More

IET GenRad 1659 Digibridge

GenRad 1659 digibridge

The IET Labs, GenRad 1659 digibridge RLC tester is an easily programmable, microprocessor-based high performance passive component tester. It automatically identifies the type of component under test and measures in the proper range. More

IET GenRad 1692 Benchtop LCR Meter

GenRad 1692 benchtop LCR meter

The GenRad 1692 LCR Meter is an RLC passive component tester – Cost effective alternative to high-priced LCR testers. It's designed for the demanding applications in production testing, incoming inspection, component design and and evaluation. More