Resistance decades – Product list – VIDEO

IET Labs manufactures a full line of resistance decade boxes with will meet any application.

IET Labs Decade Resistance Substituter

IET Labs resistance decades – Product list

  • RS series resistance substitution box
  • HARS series resistance decade box
  • GenRad 1433 series decade resistor
  • PRS series programmable resistance decade box
  • HARS-LX series decade resistance substituter Lab standard
  • HPRS series high power resistance decade box
  • HRRS-5 kV and 10 kV series high resistance decade box
  • HRRS series high resistance decade box
  • RCS series resistance and capacitance box
  • RTD series precision RTD simulator
  • esi / Tegam DB62 decade resistor
  • esi RS925D resistance decade
  • HPRS-HIPOT-LOAD (Fluke 5320A-load hipot replacement) Hipot current calibration load resistors
  • OhmSource resistance decade box / RTD simulator