Primary capacitance standards – GenRad 1404 series

The GenRad 1404 capacitors have been designed as primary reference standards of capacitance with which working standards can be compared.

IET GenRad 1404 primary capacitance standard

The IET Labs, GenRad 1404 series are the standard of choice in metrology labs, and still used today by standards bodies around the world.

  • New 5nF and 10nF standards available
  • A National Laboratory standard
  • For calibrating working standards
  • Standard for dissipation factor
  • Available in 10pF, 100pF,1000pF, 10,000pF
  • 5 year warranty included
  • 20ppm / year stability, history has shown this to be a very conservative specification
  • Hermetically sealed in dry nitrogen
  • ISO-17025 accredited calibration included