RCS Series resistance and capacitance box – VIDEO

The IET Labs RCS-box combines the features and specifications of both the R-box and the C-box in one convenient package. Ideal for setting timers, oscillators, and filters.

IET RCS resistance, capacitance box

The resistance and capacitance may be used independently, in series, or in parallel.
A shorting link allows them to be coupled or separated.


  • Combination of resistance and capacitance deacade box
  • Direct reading – No fumbling with multiple slide or rotary switches
  • Standard accuracies of 1%, 0.1%, and 0.05% available.
  • Broad choice of standard and optional models. A full line of standard substituters satisfies most requirements.
  • Direct readings eliminate potential mistakes that come from rotary or slide-switch boxes.
  • For easy value readings, ranges are separated by color- coded switches and numbers.
  • The units are small, rugged, and portable.
  • Combination units, such as resistance and capacitance substituter (RCS-500), are available.
  • Capacitance range 100pF - 100µF
  • Resistance range 1Ω - 10MΩ