IET Labs Decade Resistance Substituter

Resistance decades – Product list – VIDEO

IET Labs manufactures a full line of resistance decade boxes with will meet any application. More
IET RS resistance substitution box

RS Series resistance substitution box – VIDEO

The IET Labs RS series resistance substitution box is the most commonly used decade box on the market today. The RS series is not only easier to use, but it is also priced lower than most its competition. More

IET Labs HARS resistance decade box

HARS Series resistance decade box

The HARS Series is the best choice when you need a laboratory grade, tight tolerance, high performance resistance decade box that is also cost effective. More

GenRad 1433 precision decade resistor

GenRad 1433 series decade resistor – VIDEO

IET Labs continues to produce the 1433 series decade resistors to the same exacting specs as GenRad. More

IET PRS programmable desistance decade box

PRS Series programmable resistance decade box

The IET Labs PRS series is a broad line of high programmable decade boxes. They provide direct resistance substitution as well as RTD (resistance temperature detector) simulation, in a wide selection of ranges, tolerances and ratings. More

IET HARS LX decade resistance substituter

HARS-LX Series decade resistance substituter lab standard

The IET Labs HARS-LX series is the world's highest accuracy continuously variable decade resistor for the most exacting calibration and test applications. More

IET HPRS decade resistance substituter

HPRS Series high power resistance decade box

The IET Labs high-power decade resistance substituter (HPRS) series is a family of resistance decade boxes offering a broad choice of high-power, excellent-performance resistance sources. More

HRRS high resistance decade box

High resistance decade box – HRRS-5kV and 10kV series

The IET Labs high resistance, 5kV and 10 kV decade box (HRRS-5kV, HRRS-10kV) is a family of high voltage decade boxes that answers the need for calibration and working high resistance decade standards that go up to 10 TΩ. More

IET HRRS high resistance decade substituter

HRRS Series high resistance decade box

The IET Labs high resistance decade substituter (HRRS series) is an economical, high-performance, high-resistance decade box for all laboratory, test, and calibration needs. More

IET RCS resistance, capacitance box

RCS Series resistance and capacitance box – VIDEO

The IET Labs RCS-box combines the features and specifications of both the R-box and the C-box in one convenient package. Ideal for setting timers, oscillators, and filters. More

IET RTD simulator

Precision RTD simulator – RTD series

The IET Labs RTD series precision RTD (Resistance temperature detector) simulator provides a very broad-range of absolute resistance values that replace RTD’s and thermocouples. More

IET DB62 dekabox In-Line decade resistors

ESI / Tegam DB62 decade resistor

IET Labs has improved the specifications on esi / Tegam's DB62 decade resistor. More

IET, esi, RS925D decade resistance substituter

ESI RS925D resistance decade

The IET Labs, esi RS925D is a four-terminal continuously variable decade resistor for the most exacting calibration and test applications. More

IET HPRS Hipot Load

HPRS-HIPOT-LOAD (Fluke 5320A-load hipot replacement) – Hipot current calibration load resistors

The IET Labs HPRS-Hipot-load is an excellent replacement for the Fluke 5320A-load hipot current calibration load resistors. More

IET Labs ohmSOURCE resistance decade box

OhmSOURCE resistance decade box / RTD simulator

Microprocessor-controlled and loaded with innovative features, the IET Labs OhmSOURCE programmable resistance decadeboxes succeeds in providing highly accurate and precise resistance values in an intuitive and user-friendly fashion. More

ZX decade resistance boxes, Tinsley

Decade resistance boxes ZX series, Tinsley Precision Instruments

The ZX74 series of decade resistance boxes are very high accuracy and stable six-dial instruments. The ZX90 series of decade resistance boxes comprise of 10 instruments to cover a resistance range. More