Resistance Standards

Resistance standard – Product list

IET Labs and Measurements International resistance standards. The feature of resistance standards the extremely high accuracy and stability. More
Measurements International, DC metrology, resistance standard

Measurements International DC-metrology – Resistance standard – Product list

The Measurements International broad line covers resistance measurements from 1µO to 100T ohms, and voltage measurements from a few micro volts to 1200 volts DC. More

MI 10 element resistance standard

4310 model – Temperature stabilized resistance standard

The model 4310, a ten-element resistance standard is the latest development from Measurements Internationals series of DC resistors and shunts. More

IET Labs Resistance Standard

IET Labs resistance standard – Product list – VIDEO

IET Labs manufactures a full line of resistance standards designed to satisfy any requirement. From highest precision to cost effective – From 1 milliohm to 100 Teraohms and every value in between. More

IET SR-102-103-104 resistance standard

IET Labs – Primary resistance standard, model SR102, 100 ohm

The IET Labs SR102 model is a highly stable and accurate (1ppm), 100 Ohm, resistance standard. SR102 standards are equipped for five-terminal measurements used for standard resistor readings and for temperature sensor readings. More

IET SRX-SRC series resistance standard

Accurate, low-cost resistance standard – IET Labs SRX / SRC series resistance standard – VIDEO

IET Labs economical, high performance resistance standards – The SRX and SRC Series are cost effective, stable, laboratory or portable resistance standards. More