High resistance decade box – HRRS-5kV and 10kV series

The IET Labs high resistance, 5kV and 10 kV decade box (HRRS-5kV, HRRS-10kV) is a family of high voltage decade boxes that answers the need for calibration and working high resistance decade standards that go up to 10 TΩ.

HRRS high resistance decade box

The IET Labs HRRS-5kV, 10 kV decade box offers a broad choice of resistance sources that are high-range with excellent performance.
These high resistance decade boxes employ state-of-the-art precision resistors of various types.
They are designed specifically for operation at high voltage, with very low leakage to minimize degradation of accuracy.


  • Resistance from 1 Ω to 10 TΩ 
  • High-accuracy: up to .01%; 3 accuracy classes
  • Max voltage of 5 kV or 10 kV; 2 Series
  • Ideal for the calibration of meggers