HRRS Series high resistance decade box

The IET Labs high resistance decade substituter (HRRS series) is an economical, high-performance, high-resistance decade box for all laboratory, test, and calibration needs.

IET HRRS high resistance decade substituter

The high-resistance design is implemented with special resistors, switches, binding posts, and construction-design to allow high resistance performance without sacrificing other electrical properties. These instruments are useful wherever small currents and high resistances are required.

The IET Labs HRRS series employs state-of-the-art precision resistors of various types for high accuracy, high stability, and low temperature and voltage coefficients. The standard models offer a choice of one to seven decades. See the HRRS-5kV and 10kV Series that feature >10kV and up to 10TΩ for higher voltage or higher resistance applications.


  • Resistance from 100Ω to 100GΩ
  • High-accuracy: up to .01%, 3 accuracy classes available
  • Voltage up to 2000V
  • Excellent TC: as low as 5ppm / °C