HARS-LX Series decade resistance substituter lab standard

The IET Labs HARS-LX series is the world's highest accuracy continuously variable decade resistor for the most exacting calibration and test applications.

IET HARS LX decade resistance substituter

The IET Labs HARS-LX substituter is a precision resistance source with excellent characteristics of accuracy, stability, temperature coefficient, and power coefficient. All these features serve to make it a laboratory resistance standard, exceeded in performance only by stand-alone standard resistors.


  • High accuracy – as good as 20ppm
  • High stability – as good as 5 ppm / yr
  • Over 55 models available with resistance from 1mΩ to 121.1MΩ
  • Resolution as good 1mΩ with a fixed decade or 20μΩ with a rheostat.