Precision RTD simulator – RTD series

The IET Labs RTD series precision RTD (Resistance temperature detector) simulator provides a very broad-range of absolute resistance values that replace RTD’s and thermocouples.

IET RTD simulator

The IET Labs RTD simulator series is available in 4 models that vary by resistance range and precision. The RTD-Z is the choice for the most demanding RTD simulation applications. These units have a 50ppm (0.005%) absolute accuracy. The RTD-X series is more cost effective but still quite precise with a 100ppm (0.01%) absolute accuracy


  • Highest accuracy, highest stability, lowest TC of any RTD simulator available
  • Accuracy for Z series: 0.005% (0.012 ºC for PT 100)
  • Resolution: 1mΩ (0.0025ºC for PT 100)
  • Stability 0.0002% for 24 hours; 0.001% for 12 months