ESI / Tegam DB62 decade resistor

IET Labs has improved the specifications on esi / Tegam's DB62 decade resistor.

IET DB62 dekabox In-Line decade resistors

These decade resistors are primarily intended for precision measurement applications where their excellent accuracy of ±0.01%, stability, and low zero resistance are important. 

The IET Labs, esi / Tegam DB62 dekabox In-Line decade resistor provides dependable long-term service in precision DC through audio frequency applications. Six decades of non-inductive, precision, wire-wound fixed resistors are mounted in a low noise shielded aluminum housing.


  • Precision accuracy of ±(0.01% + 2mΩ)
  • Resistance range from 0.01Ω to 11.1111MΩ
  • 4 models available, each covering six decades
  • High-performance solid silver-alloy contacts
  • Low zero resistance < 6mΩ