GenRad 1422 series variable air capacitors

The IET Labs, GenRad 1422 is a ultra stable and precise variable primary air capacitor intended for use as a continuously adjustable standard of capacitance.

IET GenRad 1422 variable air capacitors

One of the most important applications for the 1422 is in ac bridge measurements, either as a built-in standard or as an external standard for substitution measurements.

The IET Labs, GenRad 1422 is available in a variety of ranges, terminal configurations, and scale arrangements to permit selection of precisely the required characteristics.


  • Range as low as 0.002pF and as high as 1150pF (depending on model)
  • Stability: better than 0.02% full scale per year
  • Settable to 40 ppm
  • Low temperature coefficient, low losses
  • Wide selection to suit needs