GenRad 1412-BC decade capacitance box

The wide capacitance range and high resolution of the IET Labs, GenRad 1412-BC decade capacitance box make it exceptionally useful in both laboratory and test shop.

IET GenRad 1412-BC Decade Capacitance Box

Owing to its fine adjustment of capacitance, it is a convenient variable capacitor to use with an impedance comparator.
The polystyrene dielectric used in the decade steps is necessary for applications requiring low dielectric absorption and constancy of both capacitance and dissipation factor with frequency.


  • Range from 50pF to 1.11115µF
  • Resolution better than 1pF
  • Accuracy 0.5% + 5pF
  • Low loss, leakage, dielectric absorption
  • Verification of calibration of LCR meters, multimeters, and instrumentation