GenRad 1419 series decade capacitor

The IET Labs, GenRad 1419 series decade capacitors, 100pF to 1.1uF, are offered in three models using two different dielectric materials, polystyrene and silvered-mica, to satisfy a variety of needs.

IET GenRad 1419 Decade Capacitor

GenRad 1419-A and GenRad 1419-B (polystyrene) owing to its very low dielectric absorption, the GenRad 1419A 3 decade 1000pF/step and 1419B 4 decade 100pF/step polystyrene decade capacitors are particularly useful in research and development work on computer and integrator circuits and on low-level amplifiers.
Its constancy of capacitance and dissipation factor as a function of frequency also makes it extremely useful in measuring circuits and as a component in filters and tuned circuits.
High insulation resistance and low dielectric absorption make it the 1419 decade capacitor a nearly ideal capacitor for DC work.


  • Range from 100pF to 1.1µF
  • Choice of 3 models
  • Accuracy as good as 0.5%
  • Capacitance and dissipation factor vary only slightly with frequency from dc through the audio frequency range.