PCS Series programmable capacitance decade box

IET Labs PCS series – The World's only programmable capacitance decade box

IET PCS Programmable Capacitance

A broad range of laboratory grade programmable capacitance decade boxes for applications requiring a programmable impedance unit controlled manually and by a computer via an IEEE-488, RS-232 interface. 

The IET Labs PCS series is a broad line of high precision programmable decade capacitors. They provide straight capacitance in a wide selection of ranges, tolerances and ratings. IET Labs also supplies custom combination substituters for capacitance and resistance as well as sources for voltage and current.


  • The world's only programmable capacitance decade box
  • Wide range and resolution: 1pF to 100µF
  • Available at accuracies of: 0.5%, 1% and 4%
  • LabVIEW drivers for IEEE-488.2 and RS-232 versions
  • Dual / Combo rackmount models (examples: resistance and capacitance)