GenRad 1408 series standard capacitors

Since ti carries its own environment, it is well adapted for use in laboratories without an oil bath or closely-controlled ambient temperature or in portable laboratories and calibration centers.

IET GenRad 1408 standard capacitors

Ultra-high stability
The continuously improving accuracy of capacitor calibrations by NIST  brings a better knowledge of capacitance to standards laboratories  provided, of course, the laboratories have adequate reference standards. 

The IET Labs, GenRad 1408 Reference Standard Capacitors, with their high stability,  are suitable for calibration in parts in 107.

The 1616 Precision  Capacitance Bridge is highly recommended for accurate calibration of a wide range of working standards from such a reference.

This unit includes two standards, 10pF and 100pF, plus a self-contained air bath whose temperature is held constant to within 0.01 per year to assure the utmost stability of the standards.

The air bath operates from 12 volts so that it is an easy matter to transport it under power at all times.


  • 10pF and 100pF combination
  • High stability
  • Low voltage coefficient


  • Two GR-874 locking connectors or BNC connectors
  • Various patch  cords available.