IET Labs product list – A World standard in metrology

The engineering experience of GenRad, esi and IET Labs, we have become the world's preeminent manufacturer of impedance instruments, offering from the most cost-effective to the most important electrical standards

IET Labs a World Standard in Metrology
IET Labs resistance meters

  • Decade Resistor
  • Resistance Standard
  • Ohmmeter

Capacitance meters

  • Decade Capacitor
  • Capacitance Standard
  • Capacitance Bridges

Inductance meters

  • Decade Inductor
  • Inductance Standard
  • Inductance Meter

Decade Boxes
RTD Simulators
Ohmmeters / Micro-Ohmmeters / Megohmmeters
Impedance Bridges and Meters
LCR Meter
Voltage Dividers
Voltage and Current Sources
Test Leads
Dielectric Test Cells