About IET Labs

Since 1976, IET Labs, Inc. has had a long-standing commitment to conform the instruments and standards we offer to the customer's needs rather than to have the customer settle for what is available. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction

About IET Labs
In the year 2000, IET Labs acquired the GenRad standards, decade box, audio and strobe product lines and now continues to service and support these "In the Genrad Tradition..."
Our experienced engineering and service staff make it possible to offer:

  • Products with combinations of functions; special ranges, ratings, or accuracies.
  • Replacement for discontinued models from other manufacturers.
  • Calibration and repair services - NIST traceable.
  • Compliant with ISO-9001, ISO-10012, ANSI Z540-1-1994, and MIL-STD-45662A.
  • Completing acceptance for A2LA Certification.
  • GPIB real time process control system and applications.
  • Windows hardware and software tools.
  • Applications and custom engineering-readily available.

National Stock Numbers are available for applicable models.