Dual source high resistance bridge – 6600A model

The model 6600A high resistance bridge utilizes the industry proven "Dual Source" method for measuring high resistances in the range of 100kΩ to 10PΩ.

MI 6600A Dual Source High Resistance Bridge
The 6600A technique has numerous advantages over single input devices such as the typical Teraohmmeter.

  • Based on NMI design
  • Range: 100kΩ to 10PΩ (100PΩ optional)
  • Voltages: 1 to 1000 Volts (5,000V optional)
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Not affected by temperature change
  • 10 and 20 channel coaxial matrix scanners (optional)
  • Environmental and pressure monitoring (optional)
  • Ratio 1:1, 10:1,100:1, 1000:1
  • Multiple modes of operation