AH 2700A – Ultra-precision capacitance bridge

The World's most accurate 50Hz-20kHz Andeen Hagerling capacitance / loss1 bridge More

Andeen Hagerling products – Areas of applications

Many of Andeen Hagerling bridges are used in the laboratories of universities and private firms – The research references in which AH bridges have been used. More

Andeen Hagerling – Product list

Andeen Hagerling, Inc. – The manufacturers of the world's most accurate capacitance bridges and standards More

Andeen Hagerling – Capacitance / Loss Bridges

The World’s Most Stable Capacitance Standards in commercial production – Unparalleled stability, resolution, linearity and accuracy. More

The AH 11A capacitance standard

User-selected values AH 11A capacitance standards can be ordered with any value from below 1pF up to 115pF. More

AH 1100 – The World’s most stable capacitance standard

The AH 1100 capacitance standard frame containing from one to four AH 11A fused-silica capacitance standards provides reference capacitors of unexcelled stability. More

Andeen Hagerling capacitance standards – Product list

In the early 1960’s by Cutkosky and Lee constructed two versions of fused-silica based capacitors and characterized most of the important features of these standards. More