Factors to be considered for the selection of micro-ohm and milli-ohm meters

Measuring limit - typically from mohm scale to kohm or even Mohm scale…

IET micro-, milli-, megohmmeters
Testing current
For smaller models, the scale ranges from yA or mA up to 1 to 10 Amperes and, for transformer milliohm meters, up to 200 Amperes.

Typically 4 to 5 digits – the latest models are equipped with graphic display to show menu items, large PASS/FAIL text messages, statistical and error messages.

Typically 0,1 to 1 mohm.

Typically tenth or hundredth of a percent.

The fastest models deliver a measurement speed as low as 12ms which is important for automatic production line testing (up to 80 measurements per second). Less expensive models are much slower than that.

They are available in hand-held and durable portable construction.

Automation option
RS-232, GPIB, etc. interfaces either as standard or optionally.

Most of the instruments have a simple numeric display and single-function buttons. However, there are some models with graphic display, menu-controlled operation and lots of extra features.